Music, Academics, and Creativity 

Allegro is centered on the importance of creativity in preparing students for life in any area. At Allegro, students are inspired and engaged through the study and performance of music. Integrated with a rich academic curriculum, places a premium focus on fostering and developing each student’s creativity through music. Allegro’s first class of incoming students will work until around 2070. With the rate of change in the global marketplace accelerating at rapid pace, it is impossible to know what challenges these students may face 10 years into the future, let alone decades. Allegro will prepare students with both a strong academic skillset and the ability to develop original ideas that have value.An emphasis on creativity will be at the core of the program, using music as a medium for developing each student’s creative abilities, and then extending that creativity into other subject areas. -More-


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Partnerships with Charleston's Musical Community

We are so pleased to have the support of the following Charleston organizations who have agreed to refer their musicians to be Allegro instructors, inform our curriculum, and promote the school with cross-promotions, advocacy, and advisement. 

  • Charleston Symphony Orchestra
  • Jazz Artists of Charleston
  • Girls Rock Charleston
  • Taiko Charleston
  • The Colour of Music Festival
  • Charleston Jazz Initiative
  • Fox Music
  • Yamaha

Allegro's Mission & Vision 

We are still accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year. Visit our "Admissions" tab for an application

The mission of the Allegro Charter School of Music is to produce inspired thinkers and creative members of society through the infusion of music into an academically challenging environment.

Located at 120 Broad Street on the Charleston Peninsula, Allegro will prepare students in grades 6-12 for the pursuit of creative work in any field, using music as a medium to inspire and foster creativity, coupled with a strong academic program.

The vision of the school is aligned with the purpose of the SC Charter School Act to “create new, innovative, and more flexible ways of educating children within the public school system, with the goal of closing achievement gaps between low performing student groups and high performing student groups.” Download our charter application here to read more about our mission and vision for the school, as well as details on our curriculum.